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Re: IPv6 routing /48s

  • From: Jack Bates
  • Date: Wed Nov 19 17:40:03 2008

Michael Sinatra wrote:
If your reference to 2001:: addressing simply means "non-tunneled, globally routable IPv6 addressing," then I suppose it is okay. But please note that there is now a lot of native (non-tunneled), globally routable IPv6 addressing that is outside of 2001::/16. ARIN, for example, is allocating blocks out of 2607::/16 and there are quite a large number of prefixes elsewhere in the designated globally-routable 2000::/3 that are *not* 6to4 addresses.

heh, these days, lots of it is still tunneled, though through more conventional means. But yes, I should have been more clear. Just too used to seeing 2001::/16 and too lazy to figure out the proper terminology (The original topic is something I've been heavily testing lately while I figure out how closely I can get to customer edges and how they will react).

The reason I bring this up is that I have already seen certain applications, such as one for registering AAAA records for DNS servers in a certain TLD, that don't allow anything other than 2001::/16. (Fortunately that application was fixed quickly when those responsible were notified.) Just making sure others aren't careening toward making the same mistake.

Agreed, and thanks for correcting my post. Would hate for others to take my offhanded comments on addressing and use them in production apps.