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AT&T routing issue

  • From: Campbell, Alex
  • Date: Tue Nov 04 18:20:49 2008

Hi all,


We have recently brought up some BGP sessions with a new provider, and
have found that we can get end to end connectivity through the new
provider to pretty much everywhere except networks behind AT&T (AS7018).


We are able to see our routes in AT&T's route server, but all
traceroutes from our network to hosts behind 7018 stop at AT&T's border.
We are multihomed, so I've local-prefed up our secondary ISP and the
problem resolves immediately.


Our upstream (AS9443) and their upstream (AS11867) have been chasing
this up with AT&T for a couple of days, but don't seem to have had made
much progress.


Does anyone have any suggestions as to what could be causing this, or a
contact at AT&T who might be able to assist?