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Re: Another driver for v6?

  • From: David W. Hankins
  • Date: Fri Oct 31 12:17:55 2008

Google's statistics are using themselves as the subject, a fixed point
in the network.  It's hard to guarantee that subjective experience is
going to be equal across the entirety of the network, but let us
presume for the purpose of discussion that they are.

I think the point in the final analysis for customer-facing FQDN's is;

1) How much in USD is 0.09% loss of sales/customer-experience/etc?

2) What amount in USD is acceptable to lose, in order to gain IPv6's
   advantages?  Be sure to include recurring support costs, abuse, and
   engineering manhours for the design and deployment.

Note that the second question is a subjective cost/value analysis,
and the typical operator may not find much value in IPv6 (today).

So again, in summary, I absolutely think every network needs to be
getting IPv6 into their workshops.  You have to be prepared for what's
coming.  I'm still recommending a variety of caution in that first
deployment on production systems.

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