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Re: Another driver for v6?

  • From: Tore Anderson
  • Date: Fri Oct 31 08:45:10 2008

* David W. Hankins

> It is almost lunacy to deploy IPv6 in a customer-facing sense (note
> for example Google's choice to put its AAAA on a separate FQDN).  At
> this point, I'd say people are still trying to figure out how clients
> will migrate to IPv6.  Which seems like a pretty bad time to still be
> trying to figure that out, but ohwell.

Google has been testing this a bit on their main pages.  Select quotes
from the presentation of their results:

> 0.238% of users have useful IPv6 connectivity (and prefer IPv6)
> 0.09% of users have broken IPv6 connectivity

The summary disagrees with you about the Âalmost lunacy part:

> It's not that broken
> - ~0.09% clients lost, ~150ms extra latency - don't believe the FUD

The slides are here, they're worth a look in my opinion: 14:00/upl/Colitti-Global_IPv6_statistics_-_Measuring_the_current_state_of_IPv6_for_ordinary_users.xD5A.pdf

Best regards,
Tore Anderson