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Re: Peering - Benefits?

  • From: Adam Armstrong
  • Date: Thu Oct 30 09:22:42 2008

Sure, but we're talking about settlement-free peering. He's only expecting to be able to reach his peer's subnets and perhaps those of his peer's customers. If he peers with ASx in two locations, he does have redundant connections to ASx's tiny corner of the internet.


But if that AS is a stub, you still can't use their up stream providers
to get data out to the rest of the world. It still wouldn't even
function as an "alternative path" it would only function for the subnets
which that AS owns.

Paul Stewart wrote:
Thanks - I believe the wording meant was "alternative path" versus
connection... in other words if an AS has issues with one or more
upstream providers for whatever reason, you have good chances the
peering connection will remain in better shape (not always granted, but
good odds)....


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It would only be a redundant connection if the AS your peering with is a
transit AS. The AS that I work with is a stub AS and can not function as
a fully redundant link.

Just something to watch out for.

Paul Stewart wrote:
Thanks! That's a really good one and surprised myself I missed it..;)

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On Wed, 29 Oct 2008 15:17:45 EDT, Paul Stewart said:

I can think of some but looking to develop a concrete list of
reasons etc. such as:

-control over routing between networks
-security aspect (being able to filter/verify routes to some degree)
I'm surprised you didn't include "chance to pick up a redundant

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