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ADMIN: List FAQ/Monthly Post.

  • From: NANOG Mail List Committee
  • Date: Wed Oct 29 05:40:41 2008

This 100-line document contains 62% of what you need to know to avoid annoying
10,000 people in your email to the NANOG list. It also containers pointers
to another 23%. Please take 5 minutes to read it before you post [again].

General Information

About NANOG:
NANOG lists and AUP:

To Subscribe or Unsubscribe from the list:

To contact the list's admins:	[email protected]

Posting Policy

The NANOG list has over 10,000 subscribers so it is very easy for a 
thread to have scores of posts while being off-topic and only of 
interest to only a small proportion of subscribers. Please consider 
before each post if your email will be of interest to the majority of 
members or might alternatively be emailed directly the people of 
interest or posted to another forum.

Please read the FAQ and AUP policy before posting for more details.

Especially the following are discouraged:

* Is a certain site down? Other Outages not affecting half the Internet.

  Please use or a similar site.
  Please post to the Outages mailing list:

* Spam 

  Please use SPAM-L -

* Contacting People

  * Please try other methods of contacting sites before you post to 
    NANOG. Saying something like "I tried calling 213-555-3333 but no 
    answer" shows you _have_ tried alternative methods first.

* Political Issues

  * Topics such as ICANN policy, Government Policy or Law changes that 
    do not have short term Operational impact should be avoided.

* Operation topics with more specific lists

  * DNS -
  * Email -

* NANOG Mailing list policy 

  Please use the nanog-futures list or contact [email protected]

Please also avoid

* Sending posts to the list relevant to only one or two people on this list,
  such as tests or traceroutes in response to another post for comparison
  to those originally posted.

* Jokes, Puns, amusing observations, spelling corrections.

Other NANOG related lists

* NANOG-futures - for discussion of the evolution of NANOG, including
  organizational structure, policies and procedures, and agendas for
  NANOG meetings. Such topics aren't appropriate for the main NANOG
  mailing list.

* nanog-attendee - For discussion of venue-specific issues relevant
  to attendees of the current NANOG physical meeting.

* nanog-announce - For announcements of NANOG meetings an other 
  Important NANOG related announcements. Low traffic and all posts are 
  also sent to main list.

Other Mailing Lists

Information about related lists: