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Re: Network topology [Solved]

  • From: Colin Alston
  • Date: Wed Oct 15 15:04:40 2008

On 2008/10/15 08:49 PM Larry Sheldon wrote:
Colin Alston wrote:

Maybe there should be something (I mean like, someone should come up with a standard :P) to trace switches in a path... Problem is I think even then the simple devices won't bother to support it.

I have been away from it for ma while and in truth don't know the answer--but--

To the best of my knowledge, "Layer two Switches" in fact operate as multi-port bridges.

If that is true, then they ought to be transmitting BDUs which should be detectable and used for mapping.

Ahh, you are correct sir (as well as the off list responses :))

Found this rather quickly
as well as

Not sure why I didn't Google "layer 2 traceroute" before... Oh well, live and learn, and work shorter hours.

Thanks :)