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Re: Used (SONET) equipment sources/lists?

  • From: Jay Hennigan
  • Date: Fri Oct 03 00:50:04 2008

Forrest W. Christian wrote:
I'm switching one end of a PtP DS3 to a location which only has fiber to the carrier. As a result, I'm really in need of a Fujitsu FlashWave 4010 or equivalent which can take a sonet-framed OC3 from a carrier and break it out into individual DS3's.

So far, my normal sources of used equipment have come up dry - but most of them really only deal with data networking (cisco) stuff, so it's a bit out of their league. A long time ago (you know, like 100 internet years ago), I used to post these type of needs to with good results, but that doesn't look very useful anymore.

Take a look at Adtran's OPTI-3 or more scalable OPTI-6100 series products.

I have no idea why Adtran has mile-long URLs, so here goes:

Some used gear out there but not a lot. The right wholesaler can give you a pretty good discount on the new stuff. We've had excellent results with Adtran equipment.

Note that this gear as well as TTBOMK the Fujitsu is native 48VDC power, so figure in a power supply if you're in an AC environment. Adtran sells compatible power supplies if needed.

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