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Re: cooling door

  • From: Henry Yen
  • Date: Sun Mar 30 16:54:22 2008

Perhaps this is apropos:

      Linkname: Slashdot | Iceland Woos Data Centers As Power Costs Soar

On Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 23:29:18PM -0400, Robert Boyle wrote:
> At 02:11 PM 3/29/2008, Alex Pilosov wrote:
> >Can someone please, pretty please with sugar on top, explain the point
> >behind high power density?
> More equipment in your existing space means more revenue and more profit.
> >Raw real estate is cheap (basically, nearly free). Increasing power
> >density per sqft will *not* decrease cost, beyond 100W/sqft, the real
> >estate costs are a tiny portion of total cost. Moving enough air to cool
> >400 (or, in your case, 2000) watts per square foot is *hard*.
> It depends on where you are located, but I understand what you are 
> saying. However, the space is the cheap part. Installing the 
> electrical power, switchgear, ATS gear, Gensets, UPS units, power 
> distribution, cable/fiber distribution, connectivity to the 
> datacenter, core and distribution routers/switches are all basically 
> stepped incremental costs. If you can leverage the existing floor 
> infrastructure then you maximize the return on your investment.
> >I've started to recently price things as "cost per square amp". (That is,
> >1A power, conditioned, delivered to the customer rack and cooled). Space
> >is really irrelevant - to me, as colo provider, whether I have 100A going
> >into a single rack or 5 racks, is irrelevant. In fact, my *costs*
> >(including real estate) are likely to be lower when the load is spread
> >over 5 racks. Similarly, to a customer, all they care about is getting
> >their gear online, and can care less whether it needs to be in 1 rack or
> >in 5 racks.
> I don't disagree with what you have written above, but if you can get 
> 100A into all 5 racks (and cool it!), then you have five times the 
> revenue with the same fixed infrastructure costs (with the exception 
> of a bit more power, GenSet, UPS and cooling, but the rest of my 
> costs stay the same.)

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