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RE: latency (was: RE: cooling door)

  • From: Fred Reimer
  • Date: Sun Mar 30 13:28:51 2008

Thanks for the clarification; that's why I put the "seems to" in the reply.

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> Subject: RE: latency (was: RE: cooling door)
> On Sun, 30 Mar 2008, Fred Reimer wrote:
> > application to take advantage of the networks' capabilities.   Mikael
> (seems
> > to) complain that developers have to put latency inducing
> applications into
> > the development environment.  I'd say that those developers are some
> of the
> > few who actually have a clue, and are doing the right thing.
> I was definately not complaining, I brought it up as an example where
> developers have clue and where they're doing the right thing.
> I've too often been involved in customer complaints which ended up
> being
> the fault of Microsoft SMB and the customers having the firm idea that
> it
> must be a network problem since MS is a world standard and that can't
> be
> changed. Even proposing to change TCP Window settings to get FTP
> transfers
> quicker is met with the same sceptisism.
> Even after describing to them about the propagation delay of light in
> fiber and the physical limitations, they're still very suspicious about
> it
> all.
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