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minimizing BGP link failure detection time

  • From: Ang Kah Yik
  • Date: Sun Mar 30 10:56:42 2008

Hi all,

I'm currently getting started out with BGP so if I'm asking the obvious, please forgive my ignorance.

On the topic of BGP convergence, may I ask what are the current best practices for ensuring rapid link failure detection - especially when dealing with an interface that is connected to 3rd party L2 infrastructure? e.g. an interface connected to an EBGP peer via Metro-E

As far as I'm aware, the most commonly used method to minimize link failure detection time is to tune the keepalive/hold timers. I understand that there are alternatives to this such as BFD and next hop tracking - but support for this is limited on certain platforms.

I have looked through this presentation from APNIC 21.

What do you guys think of the recommendation for timers? (5s and 15s for keepalive and hold timers respectively). However, since the presentation is more than a year old, has BFD become a better solution to this?

Looking forward to your suggestions.

ANG Kah Yik (bangky)