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Re: cooling door

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Sat Mar 29 15:17:45 2008

[email protected] (John Curran) writes:

> While the chilled water door will provide higher equipment
> density per rack, it relies on water piping back to a "Cooling
> Distribution Unit" (CDU) which is in the corner sitting by your
> CRAC/CRAH units.

it just has to sit near the chilled water that moves the heat to
the roof.  that usually means CRAC-adjacency but other arrangements
are possible.

> I know that it would have to be quite a bit before
> many folks would: 1) introduce another cooling system
> (with all the necessary redundancy), and 2) put pressurized
> water in the immediate vicinity of any computer equipment.

the pressure differential between the pipe and atmospheric isn't
that much.  nowhere near steam or hydraulic pressures.  if it gave
me ~1500w/SF in a dense urban neighborhood i'd want to learn more.
Paul Vixie