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Re: cooling door

  • From: John Curran
  • Date: Sat Mar 29 12:12:55 2008

At 3:17 PM +0000 3/29/08, Paul Vixie wrote:
>page 10 and 11 of <> says
>there's a way to move 20kW of heat away from a rack if your normal CRAC is
>moving 10kW (it depends on that basic air flow), permitting six blade servers
>in a rack.  panduit licensed this tech from IBM a couple of years ago.  i am
>intrigued by the possible drop in total energy cost per delivered kW, though
>in practice most datacenters can't get enough utility and backup power to run
>at this density.

While the chilled water door will provide higher equipment
density per rack, it relies on water piping back to a "Cooling
Distribution Unit" (CDU) which is in the corner sitting by your
CRAC/CRAH units.  Whether this is actually more efficient
depends quite a bit on the (omitted) specifications for that
unit...    I know that it would have to be quite a bit before
many folks would: 1) introduce another cooling system
(with all the necessary redundancy), and 2) put pressurized
water in the immediate vicinity of any computer equipment.