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Re: NXDOMAIN data needed for survey

  • From: David Ulevitch
  • Date: Fri Mar 28 12:42:11 2008

Ray Demain wrote:

Isn't it funny though that OpenDNS is funded by the same group who funded Paxfire?

It might seem weird to you, but it's very common. Once VC has done the due diligence in a space they are more likely to invest in another company doing something in a related space, for better or worse.

OpenDNS can be an angel on one shoulder while Paxfire is on the other, right?

Your inference is unfounded.

-David Ulevitch

ps: End of this thread for me. It was dumb to begin with and despite the flaming, I'm sure a bunch of netops wrote back to the guy offering to sell NXDOMAIN data. Giving it more airtime is a waste of bits.