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Re: IPv6 tunnel for ISP sought

  • From: Mike Leber
  • Date: Wed Mar 26 20:14:49 2008

On Wed, 26 Mar 2008, Adam Armstrong wrote:
> Joel Snyder wrote:
> > We would like to get an IPv6 tunnel to begin limited testing of IPv6 
> > for customers.  Is there any IPv6-savvy ISP out there who will 
> > give/sell tunnels to other ISPs?
> Are there any EU ISPs doing IPv6 BGP peering/freebie transit-ish via 
> tunnels?
> I'm trying to do some testing of IPv6 at the moment, just in case anyone 
> asks me to deploy it in anger at some point in the future. Sadly none of 
> my transit providers will do IPv6, so I'm currently doing my testing 
> using a BGP tunnel to those lovely people at HE. Sadly the latency to 
> destinations on this side of the atlantic is high with packets hopping 
> across to their US tunnel server and back!

We do have tunnel servers in Europe, however our BGP tunnel servers are
separate we are in the process of deploying them to Europe.  If you don't
need BGP, and just need to do some basic testing then one of our regular
European tunnel servers will fix your latency concerns.

For BGP, we strongly encourage you (or your upstream) to run native with
us at one of any of the exchange points we might have in common.  

We are AS6939.


Exchange Point Connections:

NAP             Status  Speed   IPv4            IPv6
--------------- ------- ------- --------------- ------------------------
EQUINIX-ASH     UP      10GigE  2001:504:0:2::6939:1
EQUINIX-CHI     UP      10GigE  2001:504:0:4::6939:1
EQUINIX-DAL     UP      10GigE  2001:504:0:5::6939:1
EQUINIX-LAX     UP      10GigE  2001:504:0:3::6939:1
EQUINIX-SJC     UP      10GigE  2001:504:0:1::6939:1
LINX            UP      10GigE   2001:7f8:4:0::1b1b:1
LoNAP           UP      GigE   2001:7f8:17::1b1b:1
AMS-IX          UP      10GigE  2001:7f8:1::a500:6939:1
NL-IX           UP      GigE  2001:7f8:13::a500:6939:1
PAIX Palo Alto  UP      10GigE   2001:504:d::10
PAIX New York   UP      10GigE   2001:504:f::39
NYIIX           UP      10GigE   2001:504:1::a500:6939:1
LAIIX           UP      GigE   2001:504:a::a500:6939:1
NYCX            UP      GigE
BIGEAPE         UP      100BT                   2001:458:26:2::500
SIX             UP      10GigE   2001:478:180::40
PaNAP           UP      10GigE   2001:860:0:6::6939:1
DE-CIX          UP      10GigE   2001:7f8::1b1b:0:1
NOTA            UP      10GigE  2001:478:124::176
Any2-LAX        UP      10GigE 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:1A

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