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RE: 10GE router resource

  • From: Buhrmaster, Gary
  • Date: Wed Mar 26 20:12:54 2008

> FPGAs can be used to do both SRAM and TCAMs. All that is needed
> is an FPGA board with 10G or a 10G card with an FPGA on it.

The Xilinx Virtex family can already do 10G, if you
are into FPGA development (I seem to recall the
first Xilinx FPGA that could do 10G was 4-5 years
ago; forever in Moore's law).  Other vendors have
equivalent parts.  And the Xilinx family has an
available PowerPC core.  I seem to recall a couple
of vendors making available a (micro)Linux kernel
for running on same.  All the hardware you need
for building your own 10G router.  Just add
FPGA development resources, some planar board
design, and software.