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RE: 10GE router resource

  • From: Fred Reimer
  • Date: Wed Mar 26 09:48:33 2008

To answer your question, the 5580 ASA (PIX is EoS if you didnât know) is capable of 10G âHTTPâ traffic and 20G âjumbo frameâ packets. However, 64-byte packet rate is âlimitedâ to 4,000,000pps. And yes, you will pay for that performance. You get a lot more than just a packet filter with the ASA though.



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Very interesting study I had not seen, and a bummer. That really puts a cramp in my advocation of our CARP+pf load balancers/firewalls/gateways. Than again, what's a PIX box capable of?

I also had to switch to OpenBSD as there was a fatal crash with the bridge device in FreeBSD when used with my paticular OpenVPN/CARP/pf combination.

AFAIK pf/forwarding only takes place on one core and wouldn't take advantage of the other 3 cores, correct?


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On Tue, Mar 25, 2008, Chris Grundemann wrote:

> To Ann's question on resources; I have only used Linux routers with 1G
> ports but have surpassed 10G total throughput (up+ down) using various
> dual proc set ups, most often Intel Xeon in Dell servers.  A gentlemen
> by the name of Martin Pels wrote a good paper on the subject early
> last year that can be found here:
>  He hit a wall at
> 700K pps and was using two dual core Intel Xeon 64bit 2.33GHz CPUs and
> 2GB of RAM in a Dell PowerEdge 1950.

Mike Tancsa did some benchmarking in late 2006:

I think things are slightly faster now but not because of a massive
change in software architecture.


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