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Re: 10GE router resource

  • From: Adrian Chadd
  • Date: Tue Mar 25 22:41:33 2008

On Tue, Mar 25, 2008, Patrick Clochesy wrote:
> Very interesting study I had not seen, and a bummer. That really puts a cramp in my advocation of our CARP+pf load balancers/firewalls/gateways. Than again, what's a PIX box capable of? 

Well, you get what you pay for. If you're willing to blow $10k on a
firewall, maybe you'll be willing to blow $10k on a *BSD developer
to work on improving forwarding performance.

It'd only take ten or so people to make donations or sponsor work
of that size for the benefits to appear.

> I also had to switch to OpenBSD as there was a fatal crash with the bridge device in FreeBSD when used with my paticular OpenVPN/CARP/pf combination. 

Did you log a bug? :)

> AFAIK pf/forwarding only takes place on one core and wouldn't take advantage of the other 3 cores, correct? 

Uhm, its not quite that simple. ithreads on FreeBSD at least will run on
one CPU at a time (unless you're running some hacked up russian-driven
intel gige driver, which runs multiple ithreads for the device to improve
performance under certain circumstances!) and these classes of cards and
busses wouldn't benefit from >1 core contending for one card/bus.

If you're running >1 card then you may find the ithreads run on different
CPUs, each doing lookups and forwarding, but I haven't sat down and looked
at that sort of forwarding performance under FreeBSD. My focus at the moment
is "tcp proxy on a stick" throughput with one interfaces and >1 core doing
userland processing.