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Re: rack power question

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Tue Mar 25 19:26:54 2008

> >  i'm too close to san francisco bay.
> Why is that bad? I thought ground-source HVAC systems worked better if
> the ground was saturated with water. Better thermal conductivity than
> dry soil.

aside from the corrosive nature of the salt and other minerals, there is an
unbelievable maze of permits from various layers of government since there's
a protected marshland as well as habitat restoration within a few miles.  i
think it's safe to say that Sun Quentin could not be built under current

> My problem finding someone to install a ground-source system was that
> everyone for miles is on city water. You have to be able to drill a
> hole in the ground and the folks familiar with well-drilling equipment
> are three hours away.

i could drill in the warehouse, i suppose, and truck the slurry out by night.