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Re: 10GE router resource

  • From: Eddy Martinez
  • Date: Tue Mar 25 17:35:57 2008

On Mar 25, 2008, at 1:42 PM, Robert Boyle wrote:

At 12:36 PM 3/25/2008, Greg VILLAIN wrote: I'd strongly suggest Foundry, I'm a big fan of their kits, price-wise
and performance-wise, provided you do not need rocket-science features.
MLX/XMR models will surely do the trick perfectly.

I agree too. They still have a bit of development to do on the IPv6 side, but they are getting there. We are using them with Cat 65XXs with SXF Sup720-3BXLs and XMRs. We run ISIS, BGP, and BFD. Everything they say works really does. We have been very pleased. Definitely put them on your short list. The price per port can't be beat and their support is stellar. If you want to reliably route IPv4 and IPv6 at wire speeds regardless of packet size or rate and optionally filter at wire speed too on all ports then they make a great box.


Totally agree.
Foundry support is top notch and the boxes do deliver the promised performance.

The headroom is impressive when the CPU is at 99%. Somehow *cough* we (me) pegged
the CPU on the Server Irons and still had a very very responsive console. Was able to find
the self inflicted error and fix the problem quickly. Out testers on the outside say they did not
notice a performance degradation.

Foundry's performance and support make the price a clear value.

I've only experienced two flavors, Cisco and Foundry.