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Re: rack power question

  • From: Deepak Jain
  • Date: Tue Mar 25 14:19:32 2008

There are vendors working on this, but the point here is that unlike the medical, automotive or aerospace industries.... Computing (in general) platforms aren't regulated the same way... you won't see random gear hanging off the inside of an MRI (in general), or in an airplane, etc.

Computer vendors make lots of random sizes and depths of boxes. Want to get really ambitious? Let's find a set of rails that works with all rackmountable equipment and cabinets before we get crazy with the water cooling.

The point is that water has lots of issues. Water quality being one of them. Its fine to "toy" with water cooling a home clocked-up PC. When you have experience water cooling mainframes or using large chiller plants (1000+ tons) for years on end, there is a lot of discipline required to "do it right" -- a discipline that many shops and operators haven't needed up to this point.

Deepak Jain

Alexander Harrowell wrote:
I still think the industry needs to standardise water cooling to popularise it; if there were two water ports on all the pizzaboxes next to the RJ45s, and a standard set of flexible pipes, how many people would start using it? There's probably a medical, automotive or aerospace standard out there.