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RE: rack power question

  • From: Ray Burkholder
  • Date: Tue Mar 25 12:20:09 2008

Dorn Hetzel wrote:
> Of course, my chemistry is a little rusty, so I'm not sure about the
> prospects for a non-toxic, non-flammable, non-conductive substance
> with workable fluid flow and heat transfer properties :)

For some of us over-the-edge pc enthusiasts, we use a non-conductive heat transfer fluid for ‘water-cooling’ our over-clocked cpus: If you buy it in gallons, I’m sure you’ll get a better price.  If I recall, conductivity is somewhat less than water, but still good enough to do the job.  I have a solution in place that has been running continuously for two or three years now.  By distributing the heat to larger slower fans, my room is quieter.   If I was really inclined, I could put the fans out my window and have practically dead silence, if it wasn’t for the power supply fan.

 Another poster mentioned dripless quick-disconnects.  They do exist.

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