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Re: rack power question

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Tue Mar 25 10:22:38 2008

Matthew Crocker <[email protected]> wrote:

> Seal off the room so you can control your replacement air source.  Put a
> series of cyclone dust collectors (think huge Dyson Vacuum) on your inbound
> air.

neat stuff.  isc's neighbor has got one of these (for an industrial process).
they are noisy, and not 100% duty cycle rated, but it's an interesting idea.

> Then distribute your air through some electrostatic dust collectors

two of the ESP Disadvantages listed on that page are fatal in my application:

	o  High initial cost
	o  Materials with very high or low resistivity
	   are difficult to collect

however, this page also mentions "baghouse" filters, which i'd also heard in
a private reply, and am now investigating.

> Then run it through HEPA filters.

:-).  my servers don't have asthma.  HEPA is hellishly expensive, annually,
due to the number of filter replacements you need when the duty cycle is 100%.

> How do you manage your humidity when you are pulling in 1% humidity 30
> degree air?  It is more expensive to add water to the air then it is to cool
> it sometimes.

redwood city, california has signs over several streets leading to its oldtown
that say (and i'm not making this up) "climate best by government test".  what
this appears to mean is, we have about three 30F weeks per year, and we have
three four 100F weeks per year, and the rest of the time, it's between 50F and
70F, during which time the humidity is perfect for servers.