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RE: rack power question

  • From: michael.dillon
  • Date: Tue Mar 25 07:29:28 2008

> what kind of automation can i deploy that will 
> precipitate the particulates so that air can move (for 
> cooling) and so that air won't bring grit (which is conductive)?

Have you considered a two-step process using water in the first
step to remove particulates (water spray perhaps?) and then an
industrial air-drier in the second step?

Alternatively, have you considered air liquifiers like those
used in mining (Draegerman suits) which produce very cold liquid
air? The idea would be to spray the liquid air inside the data 
center rather than blowing in the gaseous form.

Of course, I don't know if the economics of this work out, although
there are people working on increasing the efficiency of air
so there is quite a bit of price variation between older methods and
newer ones.

--Michael Dillon