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Re: 10GE router resource

  • From: Justin Shore
  • Date: Mon Mar 24 16:18:14 2008

Joel Snyder wrote:

>>> Also I'd love to hear recommendatios for "budget" 10GE >>> routers. The "budget" router would be used to hook up >>> client networks through one 10GE interface and connect >>> to different transit providers through two 10GE >>> interfaces.

If you don't need BGP-ish power, David Newman just published his test of 10GigE switches today in Network World. He was focusing mostly on switching in the enterprise, but he has a variety of other performance metrics and results which may be helpful:

The author's specifications eliminated Cisco's 4900M from the competition. That not unexpected though since it was a evaluation of access switches w/ 10G uplinks. The 4900M has 8 on-board 10G interfaces and expansion modules that can carry 8 more (not oversubscribed) or 16 (oversubscribed). It has has GigE support via TwinGig modules in the expansion module bays. It also has a 320Gbps backplane and can handle up to 200k v4 routes. It's an impressive little switch if you need 10G aggregation. It can't handle a full table of course but it still has a lot of use. No MPLS options. It's based on the 4500's Sup 6-E.

The base unit starts at $16k.