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Re: rack power question

  • From: david raistrick
  • Date: Sun Mar 23 00:28:30 2008

On Sat, 22 Mar 2008, Joe Greco wrote:

Charging substantially less for rack space, even offset by higher costs for
power, would encourage a lot of colo customers to "spread the load" around
and not feel as obligated to maximize the use of space.  That would in turn
reduce the tendency for there to be excessive numbers of hot spots.

I wonder if we're to the point yet where we should just charge for power and give the space away "free"....

When I'm shopping for colo that's pretty much the way I look at it. Power determines space. I need 80,000W of power at the breaker, so I need 800sqftx15$ in facility A, and [email protected]$ in facility B.

I can fit my 8 racks into either the 320sqft or into the 800. If I'm doing the 800, I'll probably spend a bit more up front and use 12 or 14 racks, to keep my density down. A bit more cost up front, but in the grand scheme of things 4 or 6 extra racks ($6 to 10,000$) don't directly hurt to much. (80kW worth of power usually means you've got well north of $2M worth of hardware and software being stuffed into the space in my experience..but maybe that's because we're an Oracle shop. ;)

Of course, I suppose for those customers still doing super-low-density boxes (webhosting with lots and lots of desktops), I suppose that model wouldn't work as well.



david raistrick
[email protected]