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Re: rack power question

  • From: Edward B. DREGER
  • Date: Sat Mar 22 23:21:56 2008

PG> Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2008 22:02:49 -0400
PG> From: Patrick Giagnocavo

PG> Hopefully this classifies as on-topic...
PG> I am discussing with some investors the possible setup of new
PG> datacenter space.

You might also try the list.

PG> Are there cases where more than 6000W per rack would be needed?

It depends how one differentiates between "want" and "need".

PG> (We are not worried about cooling due to the special circumstances
PG> of the space.) ;-)

PG> Would someone pay extra for > 7KW in a rack?

They should.  If they need more than 6kW, their alternative is to pay
for a second rack, which hardly would be free.

PG> What would be the maximum you could ever see yourself needing in
PG> order to power all 42U ?

1. For colo, think 1U dual-core servers with 3-4 HDD;
2. For routers, Google: juniper t640 kw.

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