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Re: default routes question or any way to do the rebundant

  • From: Andrew C Burnette
  • Date: Sat Mar 22 18:59:05 2008

[email protected] wrote:
[email protected] wrote:

That's cute Valdis, but did the little girl and Einstein force thousands of people around the world to read their correspondence? I whole-heartily encourage and thank anyone willing to take the time to help the original poster. Off-list.


Strange. I subscribed to numerous mailing lists. My mail reader's search function has been most enlightening when someone shared the answer with the group, which is often experienced by others, clueful or not, and honestly, easier to search than most mailing list archives. It's disingenuous to not share the answer, as anyone searching the archives will find the question unanwered and thus insurmountable, or they'll find a polite followup or pointer, and the benefit happens without additional email traffic

When did this become the debian support list anyway :-) Or should we simply point folks to

To whomever started the thread with an actual question, don't be scared off. We're more like gentoo users than the other guys. Here's a good general resource (I know there are better but some of my favorite links are lost in time, and encourage folks to share)

Hey nanog committee, there's an idea. How about an operator's wiki? looks a bit weak given the overall bundled IQ floating around these parts? (even an email submission link for good stuff might be a start.....nanog-support seems too general for such)

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