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Re: IPv6 tunnel for ISP sought

  • From: Jeroen Massar
  • Date: Sat Mar 22 17:58:51 2008
  • Openpgp: id=333E7C23

Joel Snyder wrote:
Experimentation with SixXS.NET has proven to be problematic,

How so? It is always fun to read that people have 'problems', but it is even funnier then when the person's name isn't even listed in and thus doesn't even have an account, nor am I able to even find a single email from either opus1 or your name, thus I really wonder what things are 'problematic' for you. You might be interested to try this marvelous thing called the World Wide Web, and read and when you have done that, use this great invention called email to contact us, if you still have questions about things, that is why that page is there, clearly people are scared by it and don't dare to ask...

As you might guess, our IPv6 traffic load is estimated to be between "zero" and "unmeasurably small," but we'd still like to have it hover above the absolute zero mark.

Then again, if you are a real ISP, you will have to do what everybody else in the business is doing:

 - get a block from ARIN (or your favorite local RIR :) doesn't list you,
   thus you might want to start out there
 - arrange transit
   - this generally means you are going to pay for bits
     just like in the IPv4 world.
 - fix your routers and the rest of your network

Though SixXS is there to get people going in using IPv6, it definitely is not meant to support your full business process, if you require that, go pay somebody who can give you their full attention, there are lists in the FAQ with organizations who can do that for you for that purpose.


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