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IPv6 tunnel for ISP sought

  • From: Joel Snyder
  • Date: Sat Mar 22 15:46:20 2008

Hello. I looked through the recent archives and didn't see this question addressed, so please excuse me if it has been beaten to death or is considered off-topic.

We have a UUnet link and a secondary provider. The secondary provider has no IPv6 facilities. UUnet (er, Verizon Business) has IPv6 clue, but there is an impenetrable wall between the customer and the clue which assures that there will be no IPv6 links or tunnels ever given to customers.

We would like to get an IPv6 tunnel to begin limited testing of IPv6 for customers. Is there any IPv6-savvy ISP out there who will give/sell tunnels to other ISPs?

Experimentation with SixXS.NET has proven to be problematic, so I'd rather have a more stable and commercial relationship if possible.

As you might guess, our IPv6 traffic load is estimated to be between "zero" and "unmeasurably small," but we'd still like to have it hover above the absolute zero mark.

Any help/pointers/advice/proposals gratefully solicited.

Joel M Snyder, 1404 East Lind Road, Tucson, AZ, 85719
Senior Partner, Opus One       Phone: +1 520 324 0494
[email protected]