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Re: default routes question or any way to do the rebundant

  • From: Barry Shein
  • Date: Fri Mar 21 16:40:27 2008

Is this for real?

Someone asks a harmless question about setting up multiple default
routes, not about Barack Obama or whether the moon is made of green
cheese, but about default routes.

Then 10 people decide to respond that this isn't appropriate for nanog.

Then 25 people decide to dispute that.

Then 50 people are arguing (ok maybe I exaggerate but just a little)
about it.

So the person who asked the original question feels bad and apologizes.

And 5 people decide to tell her there's nothing to apologize for.

And 10 people dispute that...and...what next? Oh, right, and next I
feel an urge to write this idiotic meta-meta-meta-note.

I think psychologists have a term for this, "chaotic instability
disorder" or something like that.

Maybe what we need are NANOG GREETERS!

Hello, welcome to Nanog, can we help you find something? Hello,
welcome to Nanog, can we help you find something?...

        -Barry Shein

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