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Re: default routes question or any way to do the rebundant

  • From: Donald Stahl
  • Date: Thu Mar 20 15:07:19 2008

NANOG is not a general purpose router help mailing list. Issues discussed here are supposed to be relevant to the North American ISP community.

Please take this question to a FreeBSD mailing list.


ls it possible to have 2 default routes?
or how can I do the rebundant when the route is still
working either eth1 or eth2 down?

Router2 eth1 eth2 eth3

ip route ip route


ip route
ip route 2

Router1 eth eth2 eth3

host1 connects R2 couldn't ping host2 connects R1 when the link is

host1-----R1--Switch---R2-----host2 --Switch---

i am using freebsd router

Thank you for your help

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