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Re: Customer-facing ACLs

  • From: Andy Davidson
  • Date: Tue Mar 18 16:01:58 2008

On 7 Mar 2008, at 23:57, Scott Weeks wrote:

Might as well do TCP 20, 21 and 23, too. Woah, that slope's getting slippery!

Oh, no, this one again.

*** The Internet Is Not The Web. ***

Could someone put that onto a t-shirt ?

If it becomes normal for home users to only have 80 and 443, then how can I innovate and design something that needs a new protocol ? What happens to the new voice and video services for example ?

On 11 Mar 2008, at 02:33, Christopher Morrow wrote:
vpns fix this...

They stop fixing stuff when they stop working. If you start running vpn services on tcp/80 (yuck, yuck, yuck), and naturally because it's the only port open lots of other non http protocol stuff does too, will filter-happy domestic providers start proxying the web instead of just filtering the rest of the traffic ..?