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Re: US Gvt ipv6 change, associated agencies

  • From: Jerry Dixon
  • Date: Tue Mar 18 10:08:57 2008

Patrick/NANOG, see list of sites below to get information on IPV6 transitions. When you go to you can type in ipv6 in the search bar to get more information. When the USG migrates to IPv6 those agencies working with them will have to migrate or take one of the approaches listed in previous postings to the nanog list. It'll most likely be a slow transition but you'll really need to have that conversation with the agency you're supporting or getting services from to determine their timeline and what will be supported in the future.

Now more specifically in your case that would be a good question for HHS & SSA on what the roadmap is for pushing information and receiving it for medicare or other e-gov programs.

I typed in the following into google and got all kinds of good info related to your question: ipv6 medicare and

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On Mar 18, 2008, at 9:32 AM, Darden, Patrick S. wrote:

I'm looking for documentation on how the US Government IPv6 mandate affects associated agencies--e.g. healthcare providers, non-profits, or any company that depends on US Gvt. funding, record keeping, or financial reimbursement for services rendered (e.g. via Medicare).

Over the past 5 years most US Gvt--Assoc. Agencies communications have moved from modem/BBS type systems to Internet based systems. With the mandate, IPv4 will still be available, but I would bet it will be less and less supported as time moves on. I would like to see what the Gvt. has planned....

I've googled, read FAQs, and looked over the docs at without much luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

--Patrick Darden