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US Gvt ipv6 change, associated agencies

  • From: Darden, Patrick S.
  • Date: Tue Mar 18 09:37:43 2008

I'm looking for documentation on how the US Government IPv6 mandate affects associated agencies--e.g. healthcare providers, non-profits, or any company that depends on US Gvt. funding, record keeping, or financial reimbursement for services rendered (e.g. via Medicare).

Over the past 5 years most US Gvt--Assoc. Agencies communications have moved from modem/BBS type systems to Internet based systems.  With the mandate, IPv4 will still be available, but I would bet it will be less and less supported as time moves on.  I would like to see what the Gvt. has planned....

I've googled, read FAQs, and looked over the docs at without much luck.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

--Patrick Darden