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RE: Transition Planning for IPv6 as mandated by the US Govt

  • From: michael.dillon
  • Date: Tue Mar 18 07:39:41 2008

> Giving away code and hardware is quite the opposite of 
> lucrative, let me assure you.

Right. I looked at your message and it does not parse
very clearly. Given that it is odd for people to offer
to give away boxes, let alone quote a price for the
box that they are giving away, I thought you were 
advertising something for sale.

> It moves about 20Mbit/s on a Soekris box, probably more. If 
> you're doing more 6to4 and Teredo traffic than that, then 
> well done. How fast can you do it on a Cisco (or, whatever) 
> box? Someone lend me some hardware for a week and I'd be more 
> than happy to test and publish numbers on that.

It would be good for people to do some performance testing of
all the various bits and pieces. And publish all that test info
on the ARIN wiki. Perhaps you could test the hardware that
you have and document the test environment so that people
with Juniper, Cisco, etc. can do the same tests and post
their numbers. If people are interested in alternatives to
Soekris, then has pointers
to tons of embedded systems which are quite capable of running
FreeBSD as well as Linux.

> I've actually given this Soekris hardware away to several 
> ISPs here in New Zealand, sponsored by InternetNZ.

One wonders if there is any organization in the USA that 
might sponsor similar giveaways to ISPs. Just how much importance
does the Federal government attach to IPv6 transition?
Has anyone talked to their Congressional reps about tax
relief for the special one-time costs of enabling IPv6?

> I've also got several slide packs with this stuff in it, if 
> people want those. I believe they're reachable via the NZNOG 
> website somewhere (, I think).

They can now also find it by looking at the wiki page
with your name on it. It was a full-day tutorial on all
aspects of IPv6 deployment.

--Michael Dillon