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Re: Kenyan Route Hijack

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Mon Mar 17 00:14:14 2008

[email protected] (John Payne) writes:

> > I think it was Abovenet that blackholed a /24 of (I want to say MAPS,
> > but that's not right) an anti-spam-RBL sometime pre-1999?
> ORBS, and the only reason it became such a big deal was that Abovenet was
> the upstream of ORBS' upstream.  And that's something people still
> haven't gotten over.

this was a simple AUP violation, blown way out of proportion because two of
abovenet's executives were also owners of MAPS.  without that element, this
would just have been a matter of ORBS doing forced open relay scans of the
internet and especially of abovenet's other customers, and noone would have
been shocked or surprised to see abovenet blackhole them, citing chapter
and verse of the abovenet AUP, as well as many equivilent examples.

i think, at this stage and at this date, that bringing up the ORBS/abovenet
debacle constitutes a "canard", and should be avoided, for the good of all.
Paul Vixie