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Re: Kenyan Route Hijack

  • From: Alastair Johnson
  • Date: Sun Mar 16 07:54:18 2008

Kameron Gasso wrote:
Christopher Morrow wrote:
I think it was Abovenet that blackholed a /24 of (I want to say MAPS,
but that's not right) an anti-spam-RBL sometime pre-1999?

If I'm not mistaken, that was ORBS.

Correct. A particularly interesting case, since ORBS' transit provider was also a transit customer of Said transit provider would announce their /16s, of which ORBS sat in a /24 or two of, and have their traffic blackholed.

IIRC they punched /24s via their other transit providers to partly resolve the issue.

But the rest of the story - let's not go there.