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Re: Transition Planning for IPv6 as mandated by the US Govt

  • From: Brian Wallingford
  • Date: Sat Mar 15 02:56:02 2008

No, and no.  Shouldn't be a surprise.  ("all" is the dealbreaker, certain
agencies are on the ball, but most are barely experimenting).

On Sat, 15 Mar 2008, Glen Kent wrote:

:I was just reading
:, released
:some time back in 2005, and it seems that the US Govt. had set the
:target date of 30th June 2008 for all federal govt agencies to move
:their network backbones to IPv6. This deadline is almost here. Are we
:any close for this transition?
:I have another related question:
:Do all ISPs atleast support tunneling the IPv6 pkts to some end point?
:For example, is there a way for an IPv6 enthusiast to send his IPv6
:packet from his laptop to a remote IPv6 server in the current
:circumstances if his ISP does not actively support native IPv6?