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Re: IPv6 on SOHO routers?

  • From: Matthew Moyle-Croft
  • Date: Thu Mar 13 19:25:02 2008

I have an 877m (no wireless):
Vlan1 has an ipv6 address and and ipv6 nd prefix.
All the devices plugged into the ethernet ports find out about IPv6 just peachy.


(Caveat: I'm running native dual stack over PPPoE because I can make the LNS do what I want)


Petri Helenius wrote:
Michael K. Smith - Adhost wrote:

It's not that bad. You can attach a v6 address to the 802.11 interface and the FastEthernet interface, but you can't put one on a BVI which means you need two /64's if you want v6 on wireless and wired.
That workaround does not work on the models with the 4 port switch integrated. (running 12.4T)


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