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Re: IPv6 on SOHO routers?

  • From: Petri Helenius
  • Date: Thu Mar 13 18:23:53 2008

Mohacsi Janos wrote:

On Thu, 13 Mar 2008, Matthew Moyle-Croft wrote:

Actually Cisco 850 series does not support IPv6, only 870 series. We tested earlier cisco models also: 830 series has ipv6 support. My colleague tested NetScreen routers: apart for the smallest devices they have IPv6 support. However I think these devices are not consumer equipments. I would call SO (Small Office) devices. The HO (home office) devices are the ~ 50-100 USD devices - you rarely see official ipv6 support.....

The IPv6 "support" on 87x Cisco is nothing to write home about. It's not supported on most physical interfaces that exist on the devices. But it does work over tunnel interfaces if you have something on your lan to tunnel to.