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Re: cost of dual-stack vs cost of v6-only [Re: IPv6 on SOHO routers?]

  • From: Andrew Burnette
  • Date: Thu Mar 13 15:03:45 2008

Stuart Henderson wrote:
On 2008-03-13, David Conrad <[email protected]> wrote:
What is _really_ missing is content accessible over IPv6 as it results in the chicken-or-egg problem: without content, few customers will request IPv6.

There are already things like, though content which is _only_ available over IPv6 is probably more likely to stimulate demand.

But there's no $$ benefit for being either the chicken or the egg.

The carriers (many still with oversized debt loads) don't see any advantage for deployment in a general sense. But they'll likely have an easier time than access providers.

it's a 'no thanks, but I need more address space' for many of the access providers, given the orders of magnitude of ports, customers, customer care, billing systems and so on that may have to be updated to handle yet another layer in their networks.

And content providers without an audience are just toying around. Maybe they'll have the easiest time. hard to say.

It's almost like the volunteer line, where everyone else in line has to step back so that someone gets stuck being first doing the dirty work.

Same for the end user. They don't care how a microwave oven works, they simply toss in a bag, press the popcorn button and expect results.