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Re: Tools to measure TCP connection speed

  • From: Wil Schultz
  • Date: Thu Mar 13 14:53:11 2008

Son of a biscuit, they took the commands out of my 7200's and 6500's.

You used to be able to just type "ttcp" and follow some prompts, I'm not sure that Cisco ever really documented much of it though. I had found it through DOTU back in the day.

Quoted from Cisco about this:
"Note: The ttcp command is a hidden, unsupported, privileged mode command. As such, its availability may vary from one Cisco IOS software release to another, such that it might not exist in some releases."


On Mar 13, 2008, at 10:28 AM, Gabor Ivanszky wrote:

Hi Wil,

could you give me a pointer how ttcp could be used router to router?


Wil Schultz wrote:

A couple of tools I use from time to time are iperf and ttcp. I'll run iperf on some host and either run ttcp to it from a router or iperf to another host. You can also run ttcp router to router.