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Re: cost of dual-stack vs cost of v6-only [Re: IPv6 on SOHO routers?]

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Thu Mar 13 14:04:50 2008

>> and a large chunk of Asia and Europe are running IPv6 right now.
> I keep hearing this, but could you indicate what parts of Asia and
> Europe are running IPv6 right now?  I'm aware, for example, that NTT is
> using IPv6 for their FLETS service, but that is an internal transport
> service not connected to the Internet.  I'm unaware (but would be very
> interested in hearing about) any service in Asia or Europe that is
> seeing significant IPv6 traffic.

you mean aside from the ipv6 forum mailing list?  [ note that ipv6 forum
members do not actually run ipv6, they just think other people should. ]

the stats i am seeing, and they are not really great measurements, but
they're what we have, are coming up on 1% ipv6 traffic.  and this is
pretty much the same asia, europe, and north america, with less down south.

> My understanding is that there are lots of bits and pieces that are
> missing in the infrastructure, but that's almost irrelevant.  What is
> _really_ missing is content accessible over IPv6 as it results in the
> chicken-or-egg problem: without content, few customers will request
> IPv6.  Without customer requests for IPv6, it's hard to make the
> business case to deploy the infrastructure to support it.  Without
> infrastructure to support IPv6, it's hard to make the business case to
> deploy content on top of IPv6.

actally, drc, here is where you and i diverge.  there will never be
demand for ipv6 from the end user.  they just want their mtv, and do not
care if it comes on ipv4, ipv6, or donkey-back.

it is we operators, and the enterprise base, which will feel the ipv4
squeeze and need to seek alternatives.  and, imiho, ipv6 is the
preferable alternative we have today.  and it is we the operators who
get to make it deployable so that the customers will not have to care
how their mtv is delivered.

and the chicks ain't free.