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Re: cost of dual-stack vs cost of v6-only [Re: IPv6 on SOHO routers?]

  • From: John Curran
  • Date: Thu Mar 13 13:45:17 2008

At 9:48 AM -0700 3/13/08, David Conrad wrote:
>  What is _really_ missing is content accessible over IPv6 as it results in the chicken-or-egg problem: without content, few customers will request IPv6.  Without customer requests for IPv6, it's hard to make the business case to deploy the infrastructure to support it.

If ISP's are waiting for new IPv6-only content to create customer
demand to justify their business case for IPv6 enablement, then
that's their choice.

Reality will win in the end, and my $$ will be on the providers who
justified their IPv6 enablement on being able to continue to grow.