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Re: IPv6 on SOHO routers?

  • From: Joe Abley
  • Date: Wed Mar 12 16:29:55 2008

On 12-Mar-2008, at 16:06, Frank Bulk - iNAME wrote:

Slightly off-topic, but tangentially related that I'll dare to ask.

I'm attending an "Emerging Communications" course where the instructor
stated that there are SOHO routers that natively support IPv6, pointing to
Asia specifically.

Do Linksys, D-Link, Netgear, etc. have such software for the Asian markets?

I seem to think I've seen SOHO routers (or "gateways" I suppose, assuming that these boxes are rarely simply routers) on display at beer'n'gear-type venues at APRICOT meetings, going back several years. The glossy pamphlets have long since been discarded, so I can't tell you names of vendors.

More mainstream for this market, Apple's airport extreme "SOHO router" does IPv6.

I have not had the time to figure out what "does IPv6" means, exactly (DHCPv6? IPv6 DNS resolver?) but I seem to think it will provide route advertisements and route out either using 6to4 or a manually- configured tunnel.