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Re: bandwidth providers and pricing in China

  • From: Ravi Pina
  • Date: Mon Mar 10 12:44:20 2008

On Fri, Mar 07, 2008 at 10:22:32AM -0800, matthew zeier wrote:
> Looking for anyone who has experience deploying a network in China.  I'm 
> getting 1500RMB/Mbps with a 10Mbps commit that I'm already bumping up 
> against.
> Moving to 20Mbps is going to drop me to 1200RMB/Mbps or about $3400 USD 
> a month which seems excessive compared to my US pricing (or even what 
> I'm seeing in Amsterdam).
> Are these prices what others see?  Where can I get better pricing?

China is a very big country.  Mainland really
only has facilities in the major cities and
even then it is spotty.  It has been several
years since I had to do anything about pricing
out there, but based on that pricing that looks
to be what I was looking at for Beijing and
Shanghai.   Hong Kong (as I said in other
message) is the exception to all this.