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Re: NANOG laptops (was Re: Customer-facing ACLs)

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Sun Mar 09 16:14:41 2008

my laptop, and both my desktops, run KDE.  the underlying operating system
is usually something like opensuse (a linux distro) or pcbsd or desktopbsd
(which are freebsd distros).  all i need from the OS is to support KDE well,
patch itself from a vendor mothership often, do suspend/resume and wireless.

the laptop hardware itself is thinkpad, to get a 3-button mouse, full sized
keys, and relative indestructibility.  desktops are homebrew intel core-2,
with 15-year-old ibm high-clicky keyboards and 10-year old logitech mice.

the servers are all freebsd, to get /usr/ports (and recently, to get ZFS.)
server hardware tends to be supermicro.  starting to abandon 3ware/areca RAID
in favour of either JBOD or multiport SATA-II, with ZFS.
Paul Vixie