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Re: Customer-facing ACLs

  • From: Justin Shore
  • Date: Fri Mar 07 21:50:49 2008

Scott Weeks wrote:
We need to take this off-line. All long timers are groaning, rolling their eyes and putting this in their kill file.

Are the long-timers groaning and ignoring this thread? I certainly hope not. It's threads like these that need the benefit of their experience the most. Perhaps the long-timers could recommend a better destination for queries like these because I have more questions I want to ask (my next being about walled gardens). If they're tired of answering the same threads over and over again, then the query must be common enough to warrant a BCP or at the very least a couple documents in a knowledgebase somewhere. Perhaps my Google-fu isn't what it used to be but I couldn't manage to find any relevant docs online; not even a NANOG presentation.

Try convincing your product managers to create a new product just to appease 'sysadmin types'.

We're not in the business of alienating any customers. If we can create a bundle that meets a group of potential customers' needs we will. It's just another paragraph on the sales literature that we give our CSRs and a little more work that I'll have to do in configuration. I'm planning on rolling out SOHO and Gamer packages this year. Adding a SysAdmin package wouldn't be much additional work. I predict the adoption rate to be the highest with the Gamer package, followed by the SOHO package and finally the SysAdmin package.

I hope this thread isn't destined for an untimely death. I've received a number of off-list queries for summary information because those individuals are also interested in customer-facing ACLs. The information I have to summarize at this point is brief and incomplete.