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Re: 3rd party network monitoring

  • From: Jason LeBlanc
  • Date: Fri Mar 07 10:26:32 2008

I did look at it, it still lacks a few things, but it does cover most. It would be nice if you added some screenshots or demo pages as to what the reporting looks like. I had to dig around and find a paper on the slammer worm to see what the output looks like.

Jeroen Massar wrote:
Jason LeBlanc wrote:

My bad, you might be able to do it with PingPlotter using remote proxies that are linux. I can see using the Vixie personal colo list to find cheap vm offerings in various locations. Other option, a few could get together and share some resources to get the proxies distributed.

Did you actually *check* the URL I passed in? TTM does quite a bit more and is already distributed around the world and available to ISP's.


There is this really awesome project from RIPE (like usual ;)

Please check, and start using RIPE TTM:
See the site for presentations, tools, info, etc etc etc etc...

Greets, jeroen